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June 27, 2020



Things to Do in Quarantine

Quarantine can still be fun — or at least interesting. Plant your own victory garden. Try your hand at your own home repair. Or take up this increasingly popular sport. If none of that sparks your interest, there is always the internet.

Here are more things to do.

Parks and other facilities are reopening in California, including pickleball courts. Here’s what pickleball is, how to play and where to find equipment.


More News

Gaspar Gomez, 51, died of COVID-19 in April. He is the first known day laborer to have died from the disease. This is his story.

Must Reads

A growing number of professors in China have been punished for ‘improper speech.’ Some are reported by students, harking back to the Cultural Revolution.

NBC4’s veteran weatherman Fritz Coleman marks his last day at the station on Friday. His 39-year career is a window into local TV news’ bygone days.


Through archival footage, husband Patton Oswalt and her own words, the late Michelle McNamara’s legacy lives on in “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.”

Milton Glaser, designer of iconic ‘I [heart] NY’ logo and Bob Dylan silhouette poster, dies on 91st birthday.

Singer Justin Bieber has filed a $20-million defamation lawsuit against two Twitter accounts that accused him of sexual assault in 2014 and 2015.

“Pop, Lock & Drop It” rapper Huey was fatally shot late Thursday night in his Missouri hometown, and another man was wounded, police said Friday.

The Lakers’ first NBA restart game will be against the team many expect them to compete with for a chance to reach the Finals — the Clippers.

The Kings moved up to second in the NHL draft on Friday, but the winner of the lottery won’t be known until after the qualifying round of the playoffs.

Andrew Toles, who last played for the Dodgers in 2018 and is on the restricted list, was arrested behind Key West (Fla.) Airport late Monday night.

The president called for the arrest of protesters involved in the attempt to pull down the statue of Andrew Jackson and also tweeted that he had signed an executive order to protect monuments, memorials and statues.

Monuments honoring figures from Belgium’s colonial era are coming under scrutiny in that country and elsewhere.

The Jalisco New Generation cartel, one of Mexico’s most powerful criminal groups, is blamed for the early-morning ambush on Paseo de la Reforma.

EU envoys are close to finalizing a list of countries whose citizens will be allowed back into Europe and the U.S. is unlikely to be on it.


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